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Our specialties

Kobe beef

Considered one of the best meats in the world, our Kobe entrecote is category A5, the highest on the scale and with a BMS (Beef marbling score) between 8 and 12.

The cooking of the meat has to be very specific and Chef Semi knows it perfectly, since, on his trip to Japan, he was able to learn and treat Kobe meat.

The taste in the mouth is one of those experiences that cannot be described, it is a tender meat that just by tasting it melts in the mouth.

The cuts of our Kobe Entrecote are for demanding palates.

Balfego Tuna

One of the best tuna in the world, raised in the Mediterranean Sea and fed on oily fish.

Its texture in the mouth is very light and fine and the taste is soft with intense nuances.

Some describe it as the meat of the sea.

In our menu, you can find several dishes made with this type of tuna since its taste and texture pairs with many ingredients with minimal cooking.


The specialty of the house, since Gaudim opened, has been and is one of our star dishes, using the best rice in Catalonia and the best fish and meat raw materials.

The cooking time of our rice dishes is between 20-25 minutes, apart from that you will be able to see how we cook the rice, since our kitchen is visible. An opportunity that not many restaurants offer.

We have different varieties of rice, seafood, seafood with lobster, chicken, mushrooms, vegetables and our great house specialties: black rice with baby squid and shrimp and lamb and chicken rice.

¡Atentos! / Attention!

Cerrado por vacaciones del 24-25-26 y 31 de diciembre y el 1 de enero.

Closed for holidays from 24-25-26 and 1 January.