Our menu

1- Paellas

(Price of the Paella is per person, minimum 2 pax)

We can make paella’s GLUTEN FREE

  • Lamb and Chicken Gluten Celery

  • Vegetarian (seasonal Vegetables) Gluten Celery

  • Black rice with baby squid, red shrimps and crayfish Gluten CeleryFish Mollusc Shellfish

  • Lobster and Seafood Gluten CeleryFish Mollusc Shellfish

  • Chicken and Vegetables Gluten Celery

  • Seafood (cuttlefish, Mussels, Clams and Prawns) Gluten CeleryFish Mollusc Shellfish

2- Tapas

  • Artichokes with chickpea, almond, and sesame sauce (4 ud) Seasame Seed Nuts

  • Catalan bread with tomato and garlic (1 ud) Gluten

  • Marinated Salmón with Citadelle’s gin Fish

  • Diced Beef tenderloin with garlic

  • Andalusian style Squid (Fried) Gluten Mollusc

  • Brie cheese pie, with almond and tomato jam (1 ud) Dairy Gluten Eggs Nuts

  • 1/2 Foie mi-cuit with dried fruit compote

  • Stuffed ‘piquillo’ peppers with meat, mushrooms and truffles (2 ud) Dairy Gluten

  • Iberian croquette “100% handmade” (4 ud) Dairy Gluten Eggs

  • ‘Padrón’ spicy green pepper with special salt Gluten

  • Cured 100% iberian Ham Joselito DO Guijuelo (1/2 platter)

  • Manchego cheese (1/2 platter) Dairy Nuts

  • Cod fritters with special red pepper sauce (4 ud) Dairy Gluten Fish

  • French fries with garlic-chilly spicy sauce Dairy Gluten

  • Anchovy lion with vinager (3 ud) Fish

  • Anxovies from the Cantrabric with oil and Sechuán pepper (4 ud) Fish

3- Starters

  • 12 Amelie oysters nº3 Molusco

  • 6 Amelie oysters nº3 Mollusc

  • Capresse salad with mozzarella, tomato and basil Dairy

  • Caramelized goat cheese salad Dairy

  • Burrata’s salad with pesto sauce and arugula Dairy

  • Green salad with tuna Fish

  • Peppers stuffed with meat, mushrooms and Truffle Dairy Gluten

  • Sauteed squid with white beans and “all i oli” sauce Mollusc Dairy

  • Grilled or garlic Prawns Shellfish

  • Gaudim style octopus Mollusc

  • Marinated Balfegó bluefin tuna with corn cream and wasabi mayonnaise Fish Seasame Seed Eggs Mustard Soya Sulphur dioxide and Sulfites

4- Carpaccios

  • Balfegó Red tuna carpaccio with anchovy and olive vinaigrette Fish

  • Beef carpaccio with parmessano, arugula and balsamic vinager Dairy Sulphur dioxide and Sulfites

5- Tartars

(Tartars with crusty bread, olive oil and sea salt on the side)

  • Bluefin tuna balfegó tartar Fish Sulphur dioxide and Sulfites Soya Eggs Mustard

  • Steak Tartare beef TOP PREMIUM Celery Sulphur dioxide and Sulfites Soya Eggs Mustard

6- Fishes

(Price may vary according to the fresh Fish market)

  • Grilled Sole with seasonal vegetables and almond sauce Fish Nuts

  • Baked turbot filet with special potatoes Fish

  • Grilled Seabass or oven seabass with seasonal vegetables Fish

  • Cod fish with ‘all i oli’ gratin honey, tomato jam. M.P. PescadoDairy

7- Meats

  • Beef sirloin TOP PREMIUM with green almond mustard sauce (300 gr) Celery Mustard Nuts

  • Baby lamb shoulder at low temperature, with almond sauce Nuts

  • Wagyu filet (1kg)